Speedblast Training®

Speedblast Training® is an accredited course in strength, speed, agility, quickness, sports specificity, and neuromotor/neurogenesis training for all demographics/abilities through utilization of portable training equipment. In addition Fitness Professionals will learn training "systems" such as Speedblast Bootcamp/circuits, Speedblast Steeplechase, Speedblast Relays that will optimize client recruitment and generate revenue through novel, fun, and results oriented training programs.

The workshop is sanctioned and accredited by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).



Instructor's Info

Chris williams

The course is delivered by Chris Williams who is a qualified teacher, the Director of Education for the NPTI in Orlando, International Lecturer, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

E-mail: chris@osteoblastraining.com
Mobile Phone: 407-731-1331

Speedblast Training® Certification

The fully accredited Speedblast Training® course is designed specifically for personal trainers, strength and conditioning specialist, fitness instructors, sports coaches, and physical therapists.

The dynamic nature of this workshop will give students the opportunity to learn the underpinning theory and practical knowledge for constructing safe and effective speed training programs.

Earn 0.7 Continuing Educational Units (CEU’s) on this one day workshop.

Learn how the key factors such as genetic predisposition, flexibility, fatique, and technique affect speed development.

Learn how to assess the sprint technique through a systematic analysis of the different sprint phases.

Learn different sprint technique drills that enhance the drive and recovery phases of sprinting and how to calculate optimal stride length.

Learn how to safely and effectively implement over-speed and resisted sprint training techniques that enhances stride length and stride frequency.

Learn how to apply the "money maker" systems of Speedblast bootcamp, Speedblast relays, Speedblast circuits, and Speedblast steeplechase to 1-1 or group-based training environments.

Learn how to apply the “contrast training” method of speed development to sports specific speed development.

The cost of the course is $300 for the day and will be conducted at the National Personal Training Institute, Orlando, FL.

The workshop is delivered by Chris Williams who is the Lead Instructor for the NPTI in Orlando, International Lecturer, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

To register for any of the upcoming courses, please contact Chris Williams by phone or email.

E-mail: chris@osteoblastraining.com
Mobile: 407-731-1331