Company Profile


Osteoblast Training® was established in 2003 by Chris Williams MSc, CSCS, PGCE, to provide Personal Trainers with hands-on Continuing Educational Credits/Units in the specialist field of Strength and Conditioning for Bone Health. The course is accredited and workshops sanctioned worldwide by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) for 0.7 CEU’s.

The company was founded on the “Strength from Within” concept which recognized the importance of bone boosting training programs for all ages and populations. The science and its application have evolved whereby the archaic concepts of weight-bearing activities are no longer specific enough for the Personal Trainer. We now have a better understanding of the biomechanics of bone and how it responds to exercise/physical activity. More alarmingly, the annual incidence of osteoporotic fracture is almost three times that of myocardial infarction (Beck and Shoemaker 2000). This categorically illustrates that strength and conditioning for bone health must to be integrated into our clients training in order to reduce the risk of or even prevent these metabolic disorders.

A common often misleading notion is that bone health training is only for the older post-menopausal populations. The old cliché of ‘prevention is better than cure’ immediately comes to mind. If the science tells us that our peak bone mass is accrued in our teenage years and mid to upper twenties, then why wait until we are older to train our bones? Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to train our bones when we are younger and our bone cells (osteoblasts) are more receptive to training? Indeed, Osteoblast Training™ can enhance the strength of older bone and reduce the risk of fragility fractures and thus lead to a better quality of life, however the underpinning principles of this company is that no-one should exclude bone health training from their workouts irrespective of age or gender. Remember, “Strength from Within” starts with healthy bones.


Instructor's Biography

Chris Williams BSc (Hons), MSc, PGCE, CSCS, has been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), personal trainer, sport and exercise scientist and lecturer/teacher for the last 26 years. His clientle base include professional soccer, basketball, tennis, rugby and athletic squads. He is the founder and CEO of Osteoblast Training, Speedblast Training, and Soccerblast Fitness Training which are accredited hands-ons continuing education workshops/courses for Fitness Professionals. Chris is also the Director of Education for the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) in Orlando, Florida where he lectures on the 600 hour Diploma in Personal Training (

Chris attained his Degree in Sport and Exercise Sciences at Cheltenham & Gloucestershire College of Higher Education and then proceeded to do his Masters in Sports Sciences at Brunel University in West London, UK.  He then pursued the internationally recognized teaching qualification Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) which is equivalent to the United States Master of Education. In addition he became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) where he worked with professional sports team and fitness enthusiasts.

His program design and teaching methodologies are always scientifically robust with a dynamic practical application. He has a willingness to share his vast experience and expertise with both professional and amateur athletes/students in their pursuit of excellence. All of his sessions are visual, auditory and kinesthetic in application as Chris is a firm believer in the learning style paradigm and that every student’s unique style of learning must be catered for.